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Saiwin Coin Commerce is the easiest and safest way to introduce payment with virtual currency.

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Pay by Virtual Currency

The payment is faster and the charge is cheaper than the existing payment service such as credit card in EC site and digital contents sale, and the user is easy to settle payment simply by entering the remittee address and the amount.

BTC, ETH, XRP sales proceeds instantly converted to USDT and stored in the wallet, so you can receive sales regardless of the large volatility inherent in virtual currency.

Saiwin Coin Commerce API

Virtual currency payment expanding business possibilities

By introducing virtual currency payment, you can run business from anywhere in the world and gain customers globally.

If Saiwin Coin Commerce API is introduced to your site, customer can easily and securely provide the payment in virtual currency and payment services.


Employer / operator who wants to introduce Saiwin Coin Commerce to the site.Payment of virtual currency can be introduced to your site freely.

Points of Merchant

Point 1

Registration Fee and Monthly Fee are Free of Charge.

Initial charge 0 yen, monthly charge 0 yen, other use fee 0 yen

Point 2

Low Cost and Efficient Deposit Cycle

3.5% charge per payment, immediate deposit to your wallet can be done.

Point 3

Controls from Merchant

We do not keep encryption. The merchant manages it with the console exclusively for

Point 4

Safe Security

As we have the highest level system in this industry, security is always our top priority as an encryption enterprise.

Flow of Merchant Registration


Fill in the form with your e-mail address and send


Complete the merchant registration from the URL shown in the registered confirmation email


Registration has been completed, login to management screen


Introduction to site

Free registration, introduce now

For those who want to register as a merchant, please enter your email address.