Saiwin Coin Commerce is a service that simplifies the acceptance of encrypted communication as a payment of goods and services on the website provided by SAIWIN INTERCOM LIMITED. (“Company”). We have set up the terms applicable to the utilization of the system of Saiwin Coin Commerce (hereinafter “this system” or “service”) in the usage agreement.

  1. This system is to provide as a payment solution on various online sites, and users (online website operators) shall use the system according to their purpose of use.
  2. Users of this system shall not do the following acts.

    • Acts chaiming to be other individuals, companies, organizations other than itself, or to use the name of a specific company or organization without authority, or chaiming to be a fictitious individual, company or organization, or despite the facts pretending to have a business alliance or cooperative relationship with other individuals, companies or organizations.
    • Acts infringing on property, privacy, intellectual property rights such as copyright, and all other rights of the Company or a third party (including other users. The same applies below.).
    • Acts of giving a disadvantage to the Company or a third party, such as damaging its honor, personality or credibility.
    • Acts opposing to public order and morals.
    • Acts hindering the operation of this system or destroying the credibility of the Company and this system.
    • Acts of attempting unauthorized access (connection)
    • Acts that may cause crimes such as fraudulent acts or other criminal notices and guidelines etc.
    • Acts that violate various laws or acts that may be likely to occur
    • Acts that may cause damages to the Company or a third party.
  3. When providing payment to users that introduced the system, comply with the laws and regulations of the destination country.
  4. In case of users of this system that do not comply with the purpose of use of this system, or conducting actions that fall under the prohibited acts stipulated in the Terms of Use, or conducting prohibited acts which leads to a guidance or investigation etc. from the relevant public authorities etc., the Company can disclose the information of the relevant user to the public authorities etc without obtaining the consent from the user, or we can instruct / introduce an improvement on the utilization of this system to the involved user.
  5. For those who use this system in violation of the Terms of Service, the Company shall be able to suspend the use of all or part of this system. In this case, we will not be liable for any damages caused by such offender, and shall be exempted from liability.
  6. Change of Terms of Use

    • The Company shall be able to change the terms of use at any time in our own discretion. In that case, we will post the changed conditions on the site and notify through reasonable methods, including notices in the product dashboard.
    • It is important to confirm the contents at the time of the terms of use has been changed. If you continue to use the service even after changing the terms of use, we assume that you agreed to be bound by the changed terms.
  7. End of Service

    • The Company can terminate the access to services and the use of services at any time in our own discretion without notice. We are not liable for any damage caused by measures taken by the Company.
  8. Limitation of Liability

    • We shall not be responsible for any kind of liability caused by user’s use or service unavailability, or caused by direct or indirect damage.
    • We are not responsible for any damage that caused by software, products, services or information provided or being provided by a third party, or caused by being access through APP.
    • We do not guarantee the value, stability and legality of the virtual currency itself at all. We assume no responsibility for any damage caused by the user itself, the nature of the virtual currency, the mechanism, the lack of understanding of this system.
  9. Dispute Settlement

    • Governing Law
    • This Agreement and related litigation will be governed by Samoa law, regardless of conflict of law provisions.

    • Discussions

      In case of any doubts arose that is not stipulated in this Agreement or interpretation of this Agreement, the Company and users shall promptly resolve the doubts in the consultation pursuant to the principle of faithfulness and integrity.